Hi, my name is Ryu (Ree-You).

My Experience With Circling

integral center

I graduated from Chapman University in 2011 with a B.F.A. In Film Production.  during my last year of college I went to SF to take the AMP (Authentic Man Program) workshop, which rocked my world. 

I then moved to Boulder, CO to be trained as a Certified Rolfer™, during which time Authentic World took over the Integral Center in Boulder. I was in the right place! 

Since then I have been extremely blessed to be part of a transformational community that I have seen many people move to Boulder to have access to.

  • I am a Course Leader for the T3 Circling Facilitator Training held by Authentic World. I have been on the Course Lead team for the program 4 times since 2015, and am currently on the course lead team for the 2018 program.
  • I’m a Certified Facilitator through Authentic World (I completed T3 in August of 2012).
  • I have Course Lead for Aletheia, and have been an Assistant Course Leader for other Integral Center circling workshops such as T3 and ACL.
  • I regularly facilitate the weekly Circling Lab at the Integral Center in Boulder.
  • I have taught my own Circling Foundations class at the Integral Center 6 times.

Healing and Bodywork Experience

My desire to deeply understand psychology and the somatic and physiological aspects of it have lead me to explore various body-healing modalities and body-oriented healing methods.

  • I am a Certified Rolfer™ in practice in Boulder, CO since August 2012 – www.rolf.org – www.ryukoyama.com
  • I am a Certified TRE™ (Trauma Tension Releasing Exercises) Provider –www.traumaprevention.com
  • I am a Certified Foundation Training™ Student Instructor – www.foundationtraining.com
  • I am a Luminous Healing Practitioner. I have been training with the Luminous Awareness Institute since 2013 and have gone through their undergraduate and graduate program, and am currently a teacher’s assistant for their 2 year program in California – www.luminousawareness.com
  • I am trained in AARM (Adult Attachment Repair Method) Level 1 – www.attachmentrepairmodel.com
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