Beginner’s Guide to Circling (NEW)

One of the frequent questions I get is where someone can find more resources about the practice to introduce the practice to friends, and to improve one’s ability with the practice. I’ve put up my own thoughts on the practice as introductory videos and 10 beginner lessons as a free resource.

Overview of Circling

1. What is Circling?

2. Circling Supercharges Connection

3. The Agreements of Circling and Organic Circles

Getting Started With Circling (Lessons Build and Progress in Order)

Lesson 1 – What is Intimacy?

Lesson 2 – Being Intimate With Your Own Experience (Practice)

Lesson 3 – What is “Weaving Shared Reality”?

Lesson 4 – The Helper and Beneficiary

Lesson 5 – Towards Intimacy or Away?

Lesson 6 – How Much “Story” is Allowed in Circling?

Lesson 7 – The 3 Basic Ways of Sharing in a Circle (Revisited)

Lesson 8 – Getting the Most Out of Being Circled

Lesson 9 – Common Circling Mistakes

Lesson 10 – Circling and Integral Practice