Why Circle? – Video

People often ask or have discussions about the purpose of circling. I don’t think there is any one purpose that the practice of circling has since many things can be learned, gained, or practiced through circling.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide why you want to practice. However, Circling does excel at several things, here are two of the main benefits of circling:

  1. Circling teaches us how to create better quality connections and relationships. How to have deeper and more nourishing interactions with others that go beyond the superficial day to day conversations that we are culturally conditioned into.
  2. Circling helps us see our relational blindspots – habitual ways of being and subconscious beliefs we have that are conditioned and prevent us from having the kind of connection we want, and prevent us from being fully empowered to communicate our authentic desires and truths to others.

Below are examples of each:

1. Having Deeper Conversations through Circling

2. Uncovering Blindspots

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